And the winner is...

For some years now, the Political Studies Association of the UK has held an annual Awards dinner. A number of awards are given every year – including Politician of the Year and Political Journalist of the Year.

There are also a small number of prizes for academics. One of these is for the Political Studies Communicator – the academic who has done the most valuable work to bring academic knowledge and research to a wider audience. This prize has been won in the past by a very distinguished list of scholars.

I was very pleased indeed that this year the Political Studies Communicator Award was given to me. The awards jury referred to “the authoritative and tangible contribution he has made researching and commenting on Welsh politics as well as astutely conveying wider political issues and enhancing the public understanding of politics via the media”.

I will post I video of my acceptance speech here when it is available. It was mostly in English, although I suspect may have given the first PSA Awards acceptance speech that has also been partly in Welsh and Urdu.